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Do you use the Internet?  The benefits are too many to list, but include research, buying goods on-line, and even selling to your customers from your own web site.

Also, if your computers are networked, your family or staff can access the Internet from their own computer without having to move to the "Internet PC".

Communication with friends, customers and suppliers can also be enhanced by using e-mail, which provides simple, cheap and rapid messaging facilities.

Internet Connection

Enabling your household or company to access the World Wide Web.


Improve communication between you and your friends, customers and suppliers.  Want a professional or memorable email address but don't want a web site?  No problem.  I can secure a domain name on your behalf so you email is

Your Own Web Site

Give your customers an always up-to-date catalogue of your goods and services.  Think of the savings in printing and distribution costs!

Looking for a Web Host? I recommend Easyspace.
Easyspace Hosting



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